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University Status and Accreditation
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recognizes Westgate Christian University, a State of Texas based and registered non-Profit as having complied with Section 1005.06(1)(t), Texas. Statutes pursuant to religious institution. Degree programs of study offered by Westgate Christian University, have been declared exempt from the requirement for licensure, under provisions of Texas State General Statutes. Westgate Christian University is accredited by the National Bible College Association. The NBCA provides non -government recognition and certification by providing accreditation to small, private, independent Christian institutions of higher learning. Their goals and purpose are to recognize, endorse and accredit institutions of higher learning that are dedicated to the principles of the Kingdom of God throughout the United States. Westgate Christian University is not only dedicated to offering rigorous education through certificate and bachelor’s degree programs, while providing valuable expertise and fostering relationships among educators in post-secondary Christian training. Furthermore, WCU is actively pursuing accreditation recognized with the DOE, but currently does not guarantee the acceptance of credits by other colleges or universities.
Partnering School
Westgate Christian University partners with Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN) to provide affordable degree programs for members of the Westgate community. IWU offers more than 30 ministry and marketplace degree programs. Students enrolling at IWU will apply for and receive admission to IWU separately from WCU. Students opting for this route will remain members of the Westgate community but are enrolled full-time or part-time in the educational programs at IWU. For more information regarding IWU and its programs, learn more here.

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